Clinical speech therapist

Received a pedagogical education at the University of Tartu. She worked with bilingual children. Professional standard: 121266. She  continued her education at the Pushkin Leningrad State Institute, specializing in speech therapist. She worked as a speech therapist with patients of different ages in the rehabilitation department of the Ida-Viru Central Hospital, in the rehabilitation system and in a kindergarten for children with special needs.

Additional licenses:

  • Neurocorrection in the system of comprehensive care for children with impaired psycho-speech development: theory and practice, T.G. Wiesel, St. Petersburg 2019
  • Sensory Integration in Dialogue, Tallinn 2018
  • School of manual practices, Course in posturology and kinesiology (50 hours), Tallinn 2018
  • Buteyko Clinic Intenational, Buteyko Clinic training for healthcare professionals, London 2018 ( )
  • Rocktape "Kinesioteipimine logopeedi töös", Eesti 2017
  • Integrated treatment of Feeding, speech and Mouth function in pediatrics, Diane Bahr, Finland 2017
  • (Myofunctional Research CO) Myofunctional therapist, Moscow 2016
  • (International Institute of Speech Pathology) Orafacial myofunctional therapy, Moscow 2016
  • (Speech therapist plus) The use of speech therapy plates and trainers in speech therapy work, Moscow 2016
  • (International Institute of Speech Pathology) Speech therapy massage with the right to practice this technique, Moscow 2016